Wednesday, 15 July 2009


Yeah, that’s right. You heard. Megadeth are better than Metallica. Always have been, always will be. It’s not a matter of opinion. It’s a fact. A big, shiny, copper-plated fact that I’m about to shove right up the arse of your consciousness, while shrieking the chorus from Train Of Consequences through my nose. I might even dye my hair ginger to emphasise the point. Yeah, that’s right. Megadeth are better than Metallica. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Just read it and shut up, you idiot.


Let’s do this using the powers of maths. Ignoring live albums and compilations (which I’ll get back to later on), Metallica have released a grand total of nine studio albums. The first four are, I think we can all agree, absolutely fucking awesome. Anyone who wants to argue the toss about that little nugget of truth can quietly leave the room with the sound of shame and hatred ringing in their ears of cloth. Die. We don’t need you. It gets a little bit trickier when we reach Metallica, the Black Album, but since it’s mainly really good and has Enter Sandman on it, I’ll happily ignore the fact that it was overproduced and nowhere near as good as the first four albums and accept that it’s a classic. So far, so awesome. What’s next? Load. Fucking rubbish. Reload. Also fucking rubbish. There are a handful of good songs in there somewhere, of course, but overall we’re talking a pair of crippled turkeys with cancerous beaks. So that leaves us with St. Anger. I gave it a good review at the time. I’m genuinely sorry about that. I got a bit carried away and was only allowed to hear it twice before I wrote the review. I’d like to retrospectively withdraw a K. Thanks. St. Anger is probably not as bad as people make out…yeah, like suddenly you’re all fucking experts on snare drum sounds, for fuck’s sake….but it’s obviously not that brilliant either. Finally, there’s Death Magnetic. Ooh, you could have surfed to Hawaii on the wave of relief that appeared when people heard it for the first time, couldn’t you? And yes, it’s very obviously the best thing they’ve done since (at the very least) the self-titled album, but is it a classic? Is it balls. A few really good tracks and a lot of clumsy waffle. That instrumental thing goes on for about a week and even though I’ve heard it 25 times, I still couldn’t whistle a single riff from it. It’s hardly Seek And Destroy, is it? Exactly. So no, Death Magnetic is not a classic. Shush now. So, that’s a grand total of FIVE classic albums for Metallica. Jolly well done. That’s five more than Limp Bizkit, for a start.

Okay, so let’s have a little look at the Megadeth back catalogue. Again, they got off to a pretty heroic start. Killing Is My Business, Peace Sells, So Far So Good, Rust In Peace…every single one, a stone-cold classic. In fact, Killing Is My Business is easily the best of the debuts made by thrash metal’s Big Four. I love Kill ‘Em All more than I love most of my family, but it’s a lot less groundbreaking and only really hinted at what Metallica were capable of. The same goes for Fistful Of Metal and Show No Mercy. Killing Is My Business, on the other hand, ripped my pre-teen face off and used it as chamois leather on Mustaine’s offal-splattered muscle car (I may have imagined that last bit). After Rust In Peace, of course, Megadeth made Countdown To Extinction. I realise that there will be lots of people who think that Countdown was “too commercial” and “not thrash” and “lots of other stuff that only morons ever mention”. All these people are fools and should be killed. Meanwhile, Countdown To Extinction is a masterpiece. Agreed? Good. So, moving on to slightly more contentious records, what about Youthanasia? I didn’t like it that much at the time, but now I love it. Even so, it’s not quite on a par with the first five Megadeth records, so because I’m being fair (and because I know what happens at the end) I’ll discount it as a true classic. Cryptic Writings? Well, I really like it…perhaps a bit more than I should…and it has got Trust on it…but…but…no, you’re right. Not a classic. Risk? Fuck off. The World Needs A Hero? When did you last listen to it? The case rests. The System Has Failed? A false dawn, if you ask me. It sounded like a super-gnarly Megadeth album and had some amazing riffs and solos on it, but ultimately the songs just weren’t there. So that leaves United Abominations. I gave it 9/10 in Metal Hammer and I stand by that score. It’s a superb record; the perfect blend of Countdown-style shiny crunch and Youthanasia-style songy-songsville behaviour. It even has some proper, balls-out thrash bits, and Mustaine’s voice has never sounded better. So there you have it…even before I tell you that Endgame is the best Megadeth album since (at the very least) Countdown To Extinction, we’ve already reached the not-entirely-surprising conclusion that Megadeth have released SIX classic studio albums. That’s a win, bitches. A big, fat ginger win.

And don’t get me started on S&M and Garage Inc. Yeah, lots of fun for all the family, but they were a rich band’s indulgences during a fallow creative period. Great for the can’t-see-past-the-logo obsessive fans, but not all that amazing in the cold light of day. A day, incidentally, that has already revealed that Megadeth made more classic albums. Did you miss that bit? Never mind. Take it as read.


Dave Mustaine is a better guitarist than either James Hetfield or Kirk Hammett. He can do everything that either of them can do, but better. Can you imagine Kirk Hammett playing the main riff from Tornado Of Souls? He’d break his fingers and choke on his drugs. And don’t think for a minute that I’m only considering Mustaine’s skills in this watertight argument of mine. Oh no. Looking back through the history of Megadeth, it’s pretty obvious that every last significant member of the band has been a stone-cold face-ripper with chops the size of Brazil. Chris Poland? Shredmaster. Marty Friedman? Shredmaster plus. Nick Menza? Jimmy DeGrasso? The Drover brothers? Monstrous talents, each and every one. Of course, I’m not saying that Metallica are crappy musicians. Hetfield is one of the best rhythm guitar players ever. Obviously. Kirk is probably a bit underrated, all told. Cliff Burton…well, anyone with balls big enough to criticise Cliff Burton in front of me had better be wearing a goddamn gumshield. Rob Trujillo is an amazing bass player too. I even liked the thwackety-thwackety stuff he did in Suicidal Tendencies and Infectious Grooves. But pound for pound? Megadeth’s records are tighter, more precise and more technical on every level. Even at their peak, the current line-up of Metallica would not be physically capable of playing Holy Wars…The Punishment Due and making it sound as good as it does on Rust In Peace. Not a chance. And you know it’s true. And if you don’t, write your own blog. Pillock.


Regardless of what people might say when they’re lost in the moment, pissed up on booze and seconds away from windmilling like crazed bitches from Hell City, lyrics are important. What a band says may not be quite as important as how they sound when they say it, or how many totally awesome widdly guitar solos they have in each song, but the impact of great lyrics is not to be underestimated. Both Metallica and Megadeth scored pretty highly early on. Despite their often clumsy and primitive way with words, both bands started off their careers singing about the things that mattered to them and, as time went on, they matured and evolved, becoming pretty damn good lyricists (and I’m thinking primarily of Mustaine and Hetfield here) along the way. Personally, I always preferred Mustaine’s lyrics (surprise!) but I’ve raucously bellowed along to both bands often enough to be able to say that the lyrics on those ‘80s (and in some cases ‘90s) albums really resonated with me. So I call a tie, up to that point at least. Sadly, Metallica lost the plot in spectacular fashion during the ‘90s. I don’t care why. Whatever happened, by the time they arrived at St. Anger they were utterly incapable, either individually or collectively, of writing decent lyrics. Listen to that album, with its hopelessly compromised self-help manual buzzwords and awkwardly confessional cut ‘n’ paste sloganeering, and if you don’t cringe at least once, you are a robot and I’m telling Harrison Ford. And yes, I know he’s a robot too. OR IS HE???? It doesn’t matter because even if he was writing lyrics blindfold, with a turd, at the bottom of the sea, Indiana Jones would do a much better job than some of the guff on St. Anger and, it pains me to say it, Death Magnetic too. Have you actually listened to the lyrics on that album? No, thought not. Too busy having a crafty wank and celebrating Metallica’s return to the world of music that doesn’t suck, I’ll bet. Not to worry. I’ll summarise for you. “Boo hoo! I’m rich and messed up! And I’m overly familiar with a rather large number of clichés!” I think the hook in Broken, Beat & Scarred rather says it all: “What don’t kill you make you more strong!” Bad grammar and massive cliché alert!! Anyway, James, try telling that to Stephen Hawking.

Meanwhile, Mustaine’s lyrics remain as sharp and snotty as ever. I still don’t agree with his politics or his religious views, but the man writes lyrics that (a) suit the music perfectly, (b) make sense out of context, so that when you read them on the CD booklet, you don’t feel sorry for the poor sod that wrote them. On the new album, he sings about dangerous motor sports, political corruption, medieval torture devices and battles from Lord Of The Rings. Dave Mustaine is awesome. James Hetfield is also awesome, but sometimes his lyrics suck.


On the one and only time that Megadeth tried to reinvent themselves, it went horribly wrong. You’ve probably either never heard Risk or, like me, you’ve blanked it from your mind as if it was an unfortunate incident involving genitals and cutlery that occurred during a tentative masturbatory exploration in the distant past. That’s YOU, incidentally. Not me. I’m a good Christian boy. Anyway, the point is that Risk is largely hideous and Megadeth were never supposed to be a poppy band with dance-style remixes and radio-friendly choruses (even though they frequently do the latter perfectly well in a 100% metal context). The great thing is that Mustaine knew that Risk was a mistake and has since acknowledged the fact. The whole reason his band survived at all was that he realised that everything was going tits up and that other people were interfering in his vision of what Megadeth should be. He told everyone else to fuck off, grabbed the reins and has been fully in charge ever since. That’ll explain the increasingly brilliant records and complete lack of reality TV-style documentary films. Metallica, on the other hand, went a bit peculiar after the Black Album made them inordinately rich and famous. Lars and Kirk started hoovering up mountains of cocaine and suddenly decided that they it would be a good idea to start playing country rock tunes, ripping off Corrosion Of Conformity and pretending to be gay. Then they thought it would be awesome to record a live album with an orchestra. Then they thought it would be awesome to make an album with songs written by committee and with no guitar solos. They were wrong about all these things and James Hetfield knew it, but for the most part he was too busy necking vodka and cudgelling bears to death in the woods to do anything about it. Dave Mustaine has had his fair share of problems too, but he never started wearing eyeliner or putting spunk on his album covers.


Speaking of which, many of Megadeth’s album covers were created by Ed Repka. He rules. Mustaine doesn’t like him very much anymore, but the point still stands. Even the recent Megadeth album covers are okay. Metallica, it seems almost unnecessary to point out, have only had one decent album cover since …And Justice For All, and that was for an album that sounds like it was recorded inside Bob Rock’s arse and no one will admit to liking it. I don’t know what the new Megadeth album will have on its cover, but I’m willing to bet at least one of my testicles that it will be better than a coffin-cum-fanny combination.

  1. LIVE

I went to see Metallica for the first time in 1988 at the Hammersmith Odeon, on the …And Justice For All world tour. Danzig were supporting. It was fucking brilliant and I wasn’t even drinking heavily. Happy days. I saw them again at Wembley Arena in May 1990. Warrior Soul were supporting. It was fucking brilliant and I was drinking heavily. Happy days again. No complaints about Metallica’s live prowess back in those days whatsoever. I only saw Megadeth once when I was younger and I really can’t remember much about it, other than the fact that the venue was in London, I had an absolutely amazing time and I drank my own bodyweight in poor-quality lager. So far, so equal. In recent years, I’ve seen Metallica so many times that I’ve lost the ability to distinguish one show from another in my battered memory, but although I really, really enjoyed them at the 02 Arena recently and thoroughly enjoyed hearing Master Of Puppets all the way through at Download (whenever that was), I just don’t think they’re as good as they used to be. Everyone knows that Lars isn’t the greatest drummer in the world, but at least he used to be able to play the songs at the right tempo. These days, the faster songs are often a little bit painful to listen to. As with their recent albums, the Metallica of today sound looser and more like a garage band than they ever did in their thrash heyday. Back then, they seemed well-drilled and precise. Now, they’re still brilliant but they never quite match up to my memory of Hammersmith or Wembley. Megadeth, in stark contrast, seem to be even better now than they were 20 years ago. The last time I saw them, at Brixton Academy in 2008, they were so fantastic that I actually did a small wee in my pants. Chris Broderick is, without a doubt, the best lead guitarist that Mustaine has ever recruited and the rhythm section were similarly flawless. The whole thing was jaw-dropping from start to finish. And while Metallica insist on wheeling out the occasional songs from their rubbish ‘90s albums, Megadeth seem to know precisely what the kids want. And that’s Tornado Of Fuckin’ Souls. I’ll keep going to see both bands for as long as they continue touring, but as far as who I’m more likely to get stupidly excited about, there’s simply no contest.


Dave Mustaine invented thrash. Fact. All the best songs on Kill ‘Em All were his. Listen to Killing Is My Business and you’ll hear the real birth of thrash/speed metal. Listen to Kill ‘Em All and you’ll hear the bit just before the birth of thrash metal…the bit where heavy metal bands sped up a bit and took more speed to assist with the speeding up thing. It was all Mustaine’s idea. Seriously. That’s why Megadeth are still a thrash metal band. Because that’s what he does. I’m not sure that Metallica are entirely sure what they are these days. Either way, Dave Mustaine invented thrash. Factimundo. Don’t agree? Too bad. Dave Mustaine invented thrash.


There’s nothing wrong with a bit of therapy. I had some once. Sorted me right out. Well, mainly. I still kill stray dogs, but otherwise I’m fine. The thing is, though, that I’m not in a heavy metal band with a huge worldwide fan base. Not entirely sure what went wrong there, to be honest. I feel a bit cheated. Still, fame and fortune has its drawbacks too, doesn’t it? For instance, you might be so incalculably wealthy and dazzled by the bright lights of stardom that you decide that it would be a totally rad idea to film the recording of your new album, including every last bit of excruciatingly personal behind-the-scenes minutiae, and then turn it into a major motion picture! Well, we’ve all done it! Or, rather, we fucking well haven’t. I’ve seen Some Kind Of Monster now. I put it off for about two years because I found the whole idea a bit traumatic, but in the end I sat through the whole thing and found it moderately enjoyable. The problem is that I don’t feel I’ve gained anything as a fan of Metallica by learning that they employed a therapist to help them “work through” their interpersonal problems. After years of touring and being forced to spend time with each other, it makes perfect sense that Metallica might have one or two issues to thrash out behind closed doors but why, in the name of Jesus H. Corbett and all his equally non-existent disciples, would you want to show the whole world? It’s nothing to be ashamed of, the therapy thing, but surely it wouldn’t hurt to maintain a teensy bit of mystique and arcane charm. I already knew that James Hetfield was a tormented soul, that Lars Ulrich was a gobby pain in the arse and that I wouldn’t pick Kirk Hammett for my pub quiz team any time soon, but to have it rammed down my spasm-plagued gullet in such an unapologetic manner just seems a little bit too much.

Now as you probably know, Dave Mustaine is a long way from being blameless in the old drug-munching psycho department. Sacked from Metallica for being a rowdy drunk with poor table manners, he spent the next decade shoving half of South America up his nose and half of Afghanistan into his veins, while swimming in a vast pool of chilled Jim Beam. He might be a hero of mine, but he really was a fucking nutter and deeply objectionable with it. The last time I interviewed him, he also mentioned that he’d once dabbled extensively in the occult. Personally, I think all notions of paranormal activity and occult are a load of sweaty knackers, but I don’t doubt Mustaine’s sincerity. Neither do I doubt his claims that he spent a lot of money and a lot of time trying to exorcise his demons, real or otherwise, and that he must have visited more than a few therapists in his time. But thanks to the fact that there has never been a Megadeth movie recounting a difficult period in the band’s career, with all the tantrums and smashed tiaras that would surely have ensued, I don’t have any mental images of Dave sitting on a black leather couch, whimpering through a veil of snot, or shrieking dementedly at his band mates in an attempt to vent 20 years of inner turmoil. Instead, I always think of Dave Mustaine as that fucking awesome ginger dude from one of my favourite metal bands of all time. He dealt with his problems and then shut the fuck up about them. Another win for Dave, then, yeah? Yeah.

  1. HAIR

Dave Mustaine still has long hair. So does everyone else in his band. That is all.


Like everyone else, I was a little bit thrilled when I heard Death Magnetic for the first time. Even though I really didn’t mind St. Anger (I still say that Sweet Amber is awesome and All Within My Hands is brilliantly bonkers), it was obviously time for Metallica to either make a kick-arse metal album or bugger off already. They just about managed the former, I think, and even with a little bit of hindsight the album stands up as the best thing they’ve done in 20 years. However, the amount of critical froth that I had to wade through to get to a review that told the truth about Death Magnetic was somewhat staggering. There are at least five great songs on that album, but it’s no classic. Instead, I firmly believe that the vast majority of the cheers and fanfares heralding its release were inspired by an overwhelming sense of relief that Metallica had finally made a strong album again. Totally understandable. I would be a miserable, mean-spirited bastard to deny anyone their little happy-skippy dance to commemorate such a long-awaited moment. However, when you compare Death Magnetic to the new Megadeth album, it vanishes in a puff of Danish hot air. There is simply no comparison. Endgame fucking rips, from start to finish. It is remorselessly metal from start to finish, and not in an old-guys-giving-it-a-jolly-good-go kind of way, but in a state-of-the-art, teach-those-youngsters-a-thing-or-two, come-and-have-a-go-if-you-think-you’re-metal-enough-even-though-you-don’t-stand-a-chance kind of way. The band are on blazing form, whether its Mustaine and Broderick’s magnificent six-string mastery or the pinpoint grind ‘n’ thud of James Lomenzo and Shawn Drover, and every single song crackles with pure energy and real, chest-out-and-fuck-right-off attitude. Cosy obsolescence? No, sir! Metal up your ass? Yes please, and one for the horse! Endgame is a fucking fantastic heavy metal record…a thrash metal record, goddamnit…and it wipes the floor with just about everything else I’ve heard this year. It’s almost certainly the best thing Megadeth have done since Rust In Peace, and by my reckoning that makes it the second best Megadeth album ever. I’m getting slightly aroused just thinking about it. When all is said done, it’s a clincher. Even if you totally disagree with everything else I’ve said, you will soon succumb to the undeniable truth that Endgame is better than Death Magnetic and that, therefore, Megadeth in 2009 are better than Metallica in 2009. You can’t argue with science. And I am a scientist, aren’t I? You can tell by the way I sometimes wear glasses when I watch telly and I occasionally seem a bit awkward in social situations. I’m the heavy metal Johnny Ball. I’m King Diamond in a lab coat. I’ve just written three and a half thousand words of this rubbish. That’s how much I like Megadeth. Good day to you.


  1. Thanks a lot for this beautifully written, shall we call it an essay? Yes, let's call it that. Since I just found Megadeth a couple of years ago (bad musical upbringing) I didn't know that much about the band. This has just opened a whole new world for me!

    Oh and "Tornado Of Souls" frakkin rock! Thanks for pointing that out!

  2. Hey Dom. In all honesty, this sounds a lot like the conversations me and my mate have all the time. I wrote a review of Metallica's gig in Nottingham in February that we both went to, and just made the comment that after the St.Anger debacle, Metallica have a lot to prove in terms of credibility. And he went tits at me, and his only arguement was that Metallica could sell out a whole tour and Judas Priest, who we had seen a week earlier, couldn't. Anyway, as much as I love and respect Metallica, it's only their first four or five albums that have put them where they are. If I was just getting into them now, I wouldn't see what all the fuss was about. Death Magnetic was good, but, as you say, it was some people who used to do that sort of thing trying to see if they could still do it, and that makes the album a little bit forced and contrived. I haven't heard Endgame, but based on United Abominations, Megadeth have that fire that they had during their formative years, and there's no hint of trying to recapture something they used to be. It all sounds natural, and I'm sure that if Mustaine had to force his metal credentials then Megadeth would be over. Can't wait to hear it. I also can't wait to see where Metallica go from here, because if Death Magnetic was an attempt to prove they could still do metal, and it worked, will they force out another thrash(y) album or try the 'experimental' route again?
    And I love that line about Kirk Hammett in the pub quiz team.

  3. I can't disagree with anything you say. As a kid it was Megadeth for me all the way. I'd argue that the Black Album isn't a classic although it contains good songs it's just not classic thrash but that's splitting hairs.

    nice one.

  4. ....if only it was not for Dave and his whiney nasal singing.

  5. He's got a cold! Leave him alone!!

  6. Wonderfully argued and worded, er, essay. I have to say that I agree 100%. Metallica were good in their day, but Megadeth still are. I thank you. Good day to you sir.

  7. That is some truly entertaining writing.

  8. not much to argue with there really. love em both stil though.

  9. Man, you are so right. You pointed out things I've been saying for years and added loads of true stuff. Cheers, Rob

  10. You make some good points. Some I agree with, some I disagree with. However, despite my love of Megadeth I still prefer Metallica. Personally I think this argument has gone on too far, people have their opinions and that's fine. There really shouldn't be this divide between fans. We should be really thankful that both bands are kicking ass NOW. Death Magnetic is fantastic, as too was United Abominations and I take your word on Endgame, I'm waiting eagerly! Live, they're both flawless. I've seen both in the last year, they killed it and I'm seeing Metallica again in August, no doubt it will be incredible. So will the next time I see Megadeth (whenever that is).

    Just my thoughts.

  11. Dom mate i like 7 tracks of risk! :| there may be something wrong with me tho!!!!, but i mean come on prince of darkness is fucking evil, and you gotta love insomnia nia-nia-nia, and crush 'em, corny yet a catchy anthem!

    cheers! cant wait for endgame

  12. Well that was a horrifically embarrassing argument.

    First, lets compare "classic" albums. Metallica have 5. KEA through TBA. Sure Dave wrote some of KEA, but let's be honest, the only above average track is horsemen. Phantom lord and no remorse are average and metal militia Sorry.

    megadeth have 4 classic albums. PS, SFSGSW, RIP and CTE. KIMB is a jumbled mess. Sorry. He tried too hard to 'top' metallica and mistakenly thought craming as many mismatched riffs into a song as possible would do the trick. History shows us how wrong he was.

    Musicianship can't really be argued. Metallica have had better bassists [every one of them] but that's it. Naturally you leave "songwriting" out of the argument because dave just hasn't been able to compete. Dave's idea of sonwriting was cram riffs into songs and see what happens. Metallica treated songwriting like a craft, paying attention to things like harmony and melody [thanks mainly to cliff] in ways that dave didnt until far later in his career, snd still hasn't in some regards.

    Lyrics. Yeah, dave just cant touch james. The political stuff/social issues that they tackled on their "classic albums"....dave was pretty bland and boring in their delivery, almost to the point of sounding like whining. James at least put some thought behind his lyrics. As we move on into their later albums, james' lyrics took on a whole new dimention. Pretty abstract and deep as opposed to dave's tried and true straightforward approach. Recently however, mustaine has sunk to an all time low. When metallica writes something as attrocious as "the U.N. is right, you can't be any more 'un' than you are right now", then get back to me.

    Reinvention? You know, load, for as much slack as it's gotten, it still a good hard rock album. Reload isn't bad, but average. Point is they are still at least for the most part ROCK albums. When I think of megadeth, I want to think of rock/metal. Not techno or pop. Was risk released by megadeth or the backstreet boys?

    Album covers. Megadeth has a cliched, cheesy, stuck in the 80's mascot. Time to move on, boys. "nuff said.

    Live, megadeth are BORING. They just stand there like statues. When I go to a concert I want an experience that differs from listening to the CD's alone. Sure at a megadeth concert you might get one of mustaine's embarrassing rants, but really, how many times can you facepalm at a show over a guy making a fool of himself by whining like a pre-pubescent girl before you grow disinterested in the show?

    Thrash. Actually, given metallica wrote at least one thrash song before dave joined and exodus were playing thrash arguably before anyone, that'd make dave about 3rd on the totem pole.

    Therapy. It takes more guts to make your issues public than to sit there and hide them to protect your overinflated ego like dave. Let's not forget too that megadeth have also had their own therapy sessions as well [megadeth BTM extended cut] Naturally, of course, dave doesn't want it to get out just how much more of an insolent prick he is than the world arleady thinks of him. I mean what would he do if the world found out his wife filed for divorce because he relapsed and beat her?

    Hair. dave still has it. Tied down to a 30 year old stereotype. Do what feels comfortable, not what the scene says you should do. Besides, making an argument about what band is better based on appearance is completely embarrassing and british.

    Endgame: great, so dave has managed to rehash the same old material, AGAIN. Where's the freshness, the novelty, the originality that death magnetic features?

  13. What the Fuck mustaine Created Thrash where The Fuck did You get that From Exodus Were Around Atlest 3 Years Before Metallica Even Existed Even If they Did only Play Heavy Metal in The The Late 70's Come 81-82 They Were Tharsh Metallica And Megadeth Are No Where In Sight, As for Megadeth Being Better Than Metallica Agreed Mustaine Wrote The First 2 Maybe Even 4rd Metallica Album He Wrote That Many Songs Hes Good But Hes Not thrash the New seems To be Going back to Rootys But Mustaine Lost It Somewhere, Cause They've Been Heavy Meatl For Along Time Now

  14. Thanks for all your comments, folks. Apart from the idiots who didn't realise that it was supposed to be a humorous piece and not to be taken seriously. I don't know how you people cross a road without getting killed. Really. You worry me.

    Clearly I love both bands and have been a huge fan of both for well over 20 years....I just wanted to challenge the status quo - Metallica are the bigger band, no? - and have a few laughs along the way. Maybe I'm being too subtle. Or maybe not.

  15. Responding to Skippy:
    First of all, I don't think Mustaine got writing credit for No Remorse, but for Jump In The Fire. Mustaine I believe wrote the solos on KEA which Kirk had to play the same as Mustaine did before he was kicked out.
    The 'cramming of mismatched riffs into one song' goes beyond me. Examples? KIMB did have bad production, I'll give you that, but it's nevertheless an awesome thrash/speed metal record.
    About musicianship: again, cramming riffs into one song isn't Megadeth. You must be listening to a different band? I agree that Cliff did help Metallica a lot in increasing their level of musicianship, but unfortunately I believe Kirk has forgotten a lot of his lessons. He's gotten WORSE since the Black Album.
    You also complain about the 'whining' vocals. Oh well, it's Mustaine's singing style and not a lot he can do about it. Where did you get the point that Dave doesn't put a meaning in his lyrics? How about the lyrics from My World: "It's my world, you can't have it. It's my world, it's my world. It's my world, suck it". WTF?
    You're talking about Load/Reload's rock style. And you say when you think of Megadeth you think of rock/metal and you don't see it in Risk? How about this one. It's fucking METALlica.
    If you actually knew about Megadeth live, you'd know that Mustaine talks little and plays a lot. No such 'rants' occur in live concerts. And undeniably, they're MUCH MUCH MUCH better live today than Metallica. Listen to Trapped Under Ice live this year and you'll hear James isn't capable of what he was anymore.
    You're criticising Endgame. I have to ask you, have you heard United Abominations and Head Crusher? I presume not. If you did, you would have known that Endgame does not consist of 'old material' or anything like that. The originality of Death Magnetic? Don't get me started with that. They basically rewrote old songs with different riffs, but the same structure. Examples: The day that never comes does remind me a lot of Fade To Black, Welcome Home (Sanitarium) and One. Clean verses, heavy chorus with a guitar solo after the bridge following the second chorus.
    All nightmare long: Fast riffing with solo in between. Classic Metallica build-up. Reminds of Fight Fire With Fire and Whiplash?
    The only real original songs I can imagine would be Cyanide and The Judas Kiss.

    I totally love Metallica, as you can probably tell by the accurate examples and knowledge of Metallica songs. I love Megadeth too and I do agree with the OP that Megadeth can be considered better than Metallica, although the first four Tallica albums are fucking awesome. From then on it's been more rock than metal.

  16. @ Mr Lawson

    Thanks, for your essay, it was a very enjoyable read and I agree with 99% of your statements!

    @ skippy

    The four horsemen is average?? It's the best song on the album and what's with Jump in the fire and phantom lord??

    KIMB overcomes Kill em all, you just have never listened to KIMB carefully or you can't see the greatness, complexity of that masterpiece!

    So you agree that Dave Mustaine and all his guitarists + drummers until now are better than Gay Hammett, James hetfield and Lars Ulrich?
    You are right and yes, Dave is the better songwriter.

    lyrics: I agree that the lyrics on UN are not the best but on the other hand Dave proved that he can write good and the more intelligent lyrics than James.
    I just want to refer to Youthansia, PSBWB and RIP. Dave's voice is awesome spreading pure metal!

    You are an idiot comparing RISK with Pop because it's untrue. I recommend you to listen to the album before talking shit. I agree that it's one of Megadeth's weaker albums but it's 1 out 11 . Metallica has more than one weak album and sorry St. Anger or Load,Reload is not average.

    album covers: I think that bands should stick to their sound and roots so why change the album cover totally or rather their looking(hair)? The reason is that Metallica isn't metal anymore so
    they had to change their album covers and look to become more suitable for the mass(commerce)
    So if you move on, new Metallica is the result!

    Seeing Megadeth live is the best I've ever experienced. They are full of energy, fast, and exceptional active on stage. Furthermore it's a sensation watching Dave playing a solo and singing at the same time. It's something you will never see on a Metallica live performance.
    Embarrasing is when Hetfield says "ohh yeah,ohh yeah" all the time...
    Secondly the most time I have the impression that James doesn't know what he should talk, even two years later he talked the same shit...

    Thrash: Dave Mustaine wrote "Set the world a fire" before he was in Metallica, I think it was 1980 or 1981. So Dave is the king of thrash, you better believe it! God save the king!

    Hair: see my opinion above

    Endgame: I didn't hear it and you neither. By the way, every Megadeth album sounds different!!! Dave can be proud to resort to an arsenal of megariffs, where I am sure Metallica can't! Further on he is able to release a new album in a short time period usually within 2 years, plus absolving between 160-185 gigs a year??? Metallica need 5 years releasing a new album and it still sucks! So, please tell me where is the freshness, novelty and orignality in Death Magnetic? I am sorry, I can't see those features except that it's boring?

    Finally you should realise that Megadeth is and always will be on a higher level than Metallica.

  17. Wow!, blog I ever read,hands down

  18. the black album is some of the worst lyrical writing i have ever had to listen to.
    sorry Metallica fans, but those boys are posers who are living off the fans who fondly remember their first few albums, and much of their talent came from having had Mustaine in their band at the beginning.
    Megadeth, meanwhile, are master craftsmen. 'Nuff said.

  19. Great reviews, can't argue about anything. Very true about Black album--I enjoy it, only because of the mystique the singles carried and the videos with it, but not on any higher level than that. Mustaine tried to show them what metal was back in Kill 'Em All but I say they weren't metal enough to handle him. Even now, a drum machine would be far more efficient than Lars ever was. You can't even tap your foot in rhythm to One! Ugh. I never thought I would find myself in love with someone across the pond for their musical tastes.

    Ever dared to taste some foreign music (like Dir en Grey)? I think you'd be pleasantly suprised to know metal is, thankfully, being constantly resuscitated by Japan and Mustaine, daily. One of the first people I met in Japan had on a Megadeth t-shirt. Never saw one person with a Mteallica shirt. What does that tell you? :D

  20. Fianlly there is someone who realizes (and publicizes) the fuckin truth! Megadeth will never stop rippin and thrashin and kickin your ass! metallica has, which is why megadeth is FAR superior. and it's pains me that many don't know that Mustaine invented thrash, and Got Megadeth, Metallica, and even helped fuckin slayer to start. That man is a whole nother level of insane. Also that he made Metallica what they are. The greatest Kill Em' All is pure Mustaine! In my vote, Mechanix is much better than Four Horsemen. Megadeth is in a whole nother league. Thank YOU

  21. My god man, this post is an exercise in fucking brilliance. This perfectly sums up just about everything I think - the only differences are 1) St. Anger is pure shit from start to finish, and 2) I CAN comment on the snare drum/garbage can lid! I read every word of those three thousand plus and ... well, fuck, it's just brilliant.

  22. Glad to hear some educated opinions about these bands. I am not old enough to know history or Exodus and early on. But even someone as uneducated as me can smell "stinker" lyrics on some of the new metallica (st anger.death magnetic) and megadeth (TSHF, UA). I agree from an ubiased standpoint with everything written in the original blog. Although some snappy judgements may have been made when hashing through whats considered a "Classic" album, again, I am uneducated so I need to take your word. Megadeth have slightly less entertaining shows. I think they do stand around a lot. Metallica may have better showmenship. However Megadeth are way better mechanically and (I think) always were. Way better MUSCIAL song writter, Dave, has always impressed me. And as far as the accusations that both bands are "re-hashing" old songs is crap as far as I am concerned. You can only write so many different types of metal songs and (a) still sound like the same type of band or (b)make stuff your fans will like, before you start repeating some riff from some song somewhere. Slayer stuff sounds pretty similar. Yes Death magnetic sounds similar. And Megadeth's TSHF had some riffs that reminded me of older stuff. I just think we should be happy that they ripp in concert.

    Great review.

    Everyone stop whinning (Your starting to sound like 'Dave on a bitch rant at a show') (joke)stop complaining annd enjoy what both bands offer.

  23. I find it quite a jest that you say Megadeth being better than Metallica is a fact and then go on to write a whole article dealing with your opinion. I know that it adds persuasive value to your article, but it isn't bloody true that what you said is a fact.

  24. Just wanted to say that the big popularity of Metallica has nothing to do with holding on to fans of their first few albums. Remember, before the "One" video they swore to never make videos. So it was actually MTV that made them a little more popular. People liked one, and then, you know Enter Sandman was more listenable to the mainstream. The mainstream of popuklar music fans don't lsiten to metal. That means Enter Sandman made Metallica not metal. Enter Sandman gave Metallica the mainstream, and Metallica was no longer thrash, which is what Metallica wanted, or at least Lars wanted, since I remember seeing a special where Lars said himself that he had to convince Kirk from making the riff so long in Enter Sandman. The riff probably would have been more like the previous Metallica albums if Lars wouldn't have had such a huge negative influence on the band. Lars ruined metallica. As for James Hetfield, I feel sorry for because his voice is gone and doesn't sound any good at all anymore.

    As for comparing the albums,
    No Remorse sucks, except for the lyrics, and it wasn't a Mustaine co-writing as far as I know. KMA is Mustaine's songs, just listen to No Life Til Leather and Power Metal, early Metallica demos with Dave on them (good quality for demos). Fade To Black is definitive Kick-Ass Metallica that sounds nothing like Mustaine.
    Really I'm sick of all these comparisons now I'm gonna stop. I still wanna hear the new Megadeth.

  25. Megadeth will never be as successful as MetallicA, the fact that they can break the rules and stick a finger up your ass with a multiplatinum album without even trying, THAT'S METAL. you sir are a stucked POSER who thinks staying the same is t3h br00talz! Dave Mustaine is a Great musician, gotta admit it. but for FUCKS sake!!! he can't keep a band together to save his life... and that's why he's number 3... shit even Slayer stayed together through all this years... END OF STORY!

  26. Brilliant.

    I read the whole thing and thought it was fucking amazing.

    I agree with you completely.

  27. Shit.. You're right!!! 100%

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Why in need of a such comparison? Although i personally like Megadeth more than Metallica, i find such comparisons weak. Why would anyone need to prove that Megadeth is better than some other group? I dont think even Mustaine is in need of this "proof"

  30. I totally agree that. Megadeth fucking rules.

  31. Thanks again folks. And just so some of you know, I do realise that it's not really a "fact" that Megadeth are better. It was a joke. And no, there is no need to make a comparison between the two bands. BUT YOU CAN'T STOP ME!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! etc

  32. Thats probably the best article I have ever read mate.
    Well done, you have made my day...

  33. I think both bands are brilliant for their own reasons. Metallica definately better to me in their earlier days, but are more corparate so move with the flow. I really enjoy Death Magnetic thought it was a good return to form, but you are right - it just doesn't stand out!
    As far as technical music goes Megadeth far ourstrip Metallica. Dave knows how to play that guitar and has a brilliant Rock voice. James has a brilliant Metallica voice.

    Dave must be the biggest rocker though - to get kicked out of a rock band for drinking to much really lust take some doing. Personally I am glad we did, that way we have two awesome bands to rock out to.

    I must admitt I am definatley more of a Megadeth fan now days but a definately disagrea with Dave's Politics.

  34. Great Article...and It's even got Megadeth reading it as they posted in their blogs! Albeit they commented on the praise of Endgame, WHICH, by the way, I am eagerly anticipating.

    Andy Sneap makes everything sound better - From Exit Ten to Megadeth!

  35. I'm a metal heretic, in that I think both "Kill 'em all" and "Killing is my business" are weak, overrated albums. Both bands picked up on their second albums, though. And for me, "The system has failed" was a masterpiece, a return to Megadeth's glory days where "United abominations" was a huge let down in comparison.

    But I like "Headcrusher" a lot, and I will wholeheartedly agree that in 2009, Megadeth are a better band than Metallica. Indeed, they have been for most of the last decade. I can't fault the classic Metallica albums, but they're a band I just have no interest in any more.

  36. Great stuff allround. Personally the biggest roadblock for Megadeth was that Mustaine's voice has always sounded like Jimmy Crankie trying to squeeze out a Big Daddy sized tortoise-head

  37. Great blog. All of it is purely subjective but still entertaining to read. Good points have been presented as well.

    Mustaine might not have the greatest voice, but he certainly makes up with character and uniqueness. The only other voice that comes close would be Alice Cooper. I don't think his voice was a road block. The whole package of Megadeth (name, lyrics, music) is not easily digestible to the average mainstream listener. Should it? Yes, catering to the masses may make you more money, but you sacrafice artistic integrity.

    Both bands have their strengths and weaknesses. I grew up listening to both. I favor Megadeth more than Metallica but hope Metallica could put out something good. DM is a good start in the right direction, but I still miss some melodic elements that once had.

    Metallica were great song writers and wrote great instrumentals back in their early years. To Live is to Die or Orion are perfect examples. The one on DM should have been a song with lyrics. There is very little melody to keep you interested.

    I have seen Metallica three times during the Black album timeframe. They put on great shows leaving you excited afterwards. Having seen Megadeth many times over the years they were always tight. That was never an issue. However, sometimes Dave's attitude would be a little too negative towards the crowd. Sometimes they would come on an hour late. Or Dave would be complaining about something trival. People pay they hard earned money to see them play. I don't feel it was appropriate to act that way. However, his more recent shows been more enjoyable and fun to watch. Dave looked like he was having a good time.

    For the people that grew up listening to both bands, there will always be some part of us that is going to compare to two. Their roots and history are connected.

    Megadeth will always the underdog of the two. I give more credit to Megadeth though. They chose the much harder path, but I think in end the end they both made great music for us to relate to or just to enjoy forever.

  38. Whether he's dead serious or having a laugh makes no matter- the man is 100% correct. Sorry guys, but it's the cold, hard truth. Metallica got together because they wanted to play awesome music; Dave Mustaine formed Megadeth out of revenge because he knew he had the potential to be better. Megadeth do it harder, faster, and more badass than Metallica with heaps of consistency and zero remorse. Always have. Always will. Anyone who can't recognise this simple and very obvious fact can sulk in a corner and listen to Nickelback. Pansy bitches.

  39. United Abominations is NOT a classic, in fact I'd go so far to say it's the worst album the band's put out. Even RISK is better than that shit. It's amazing to see so many people oblivious to how recycled the riffs to that album are, the fact their lineup is inferior to any other lineup that had before then, sterile production, the A Toute Le Monde remake (nuff said), ect. Now the System Has Failed has more of the makings of a classic, it has POLAND on it firstly and then you have fucking ex Frank Zappa musicians on it, which alone makes this album awesome. System rips United in just about every way I can think of. Fuck UA, here's hoping Endgame is nothing like it.

  40. You should all, SERIOUSLY (kidding, not seriously, it's a joke with James and Dave) see this video!

  41. Megadeth did not invent thrash. No one invents genres of music. The underground music scene of the bay area, with bands based around speed metal, invented thrash.

  42. Ok, if we're talking about truly INDESPENSABLE albums; Master of Puppets is one for sure and Ride The Lightning is close. Megadeth have made some truly GREAT albums: Peace sells and Rust in Peace..but there is a difference between 'great' and 'indespensable'.

  43. Rust in Peace is INDESPENSABLE for sure. Definitely equal quality wise compared to MoP. Excellent musicianship and song structure. Nick Menza's drumming is top notch.

    I guest Peace Sells... is more comparable to MoP and RoP is more in sync with AJFA. Either way they are nearly all equal.

    It really just comes down to personal tastes.

  44. Honestly, this review only backed up my arguments between the two. I listen to both bands regularly, and I prefer Megadeth > Metallica. Fact is, I love them both equally (well almost equally).

    I think the main reason I prefer Megadeth is the fact that Dave has gone through so many musicians and are still rocking. \m/

  45. woooo!!! ok eveyone lets not forget why we are all here.....the love of the music!!! its great to hear everyone talk so passonatly about the bands they love.....when all is said and done both band have done some amazing/shite what...its all about taste...and that is please respect the music...and keep METAL ALIVE...thats why we are all em both

  46. Dumbest douche ever HTF can you analize music when your a fucking drunk,pathetic. Hey douche Megadeth I love but they are a decent farrrrrrrrrrr 2nd in this game of metal, metallica latest is better then anything megadeth has touched on any album level still. Megadeth is great live IFFFFFFFF DROVER is on guitar , otherwise,no thanks

  47. Sooooo much enjoyment to read this article... and YES, Mustaine invented thrash metal! Megadeth is the leading and consistent thrash metal band!

  48. yes agreed altho i love metallica i have to say that since mustaine was kicked out the beast was unleashed creating megadeth i love the old albums and new and soon will be getting the war chest and the new album so i agree fully sir

    megafan till death do us part

  49. You have given small discription about tv shows. This time every one like tv shows. So I think if you add some tv stuffs like tv downloads, etc. then I think your blog may be popular.

  50. Well I am old enough to have appreciated the big four and much before. I won't swear to Mustaine to being the undisputed father of Thrash metal, but i will say that he changed the face of the metal landscape with the first four albums. Slayer was still findinf their way on show no Mercy (though I love Metalstorm{face the slayer})and most of the other bands were still searching for their sound. however while Exodus' bonded by blood did get omitted, So did Teastament's the legacy. If EVER there was a standout signature album that epitomized the sound of a band, it was that album. To this day an oft ignored band in the Bay area scene that continues to produce uncompromising thrash metal. And unlike metallica, their experiments for the most part worked.

    On to everything else...

    Chris Broderick is amazing. I saw him touring with Nevermore (another bands whose original roots trace back to Mustaine in the form of Sanctuary) and seeing him trading off leads with Jeff Loomis was phenomenal. I have every confidence that the new Megadeth album will be much, much better than anything Metallica is currently capable of. Every band over the years suffers from a bit of stagnation, but traveleing off to top 40 land and cutting your hair to fit in doesn't make you a sensation. Metallica has been riding off of Kill'em all, ride the Lightning, Master of Puppets, and I suppose And Justice For All (it always seemed like a rehash of Masters to me.)forever, and They managed to straddle the mainstream with the black album, which I personally never cared for but wont deride them for. i got that out of my system when it came out.

    I guess what i'm saying is that all the things Metallica did wrong in abandoning what got them to the dance give Megadeth all of the props for sticking to what makes them Megadeth. I dropped off around youthanasia, and was sick of both bands for awhile because it sounded like they were both trying to appeal to a more commercial audience, though Megadeth never sold out anywhere near as hard as Metallica. I won't talk about Risk or Cryptic Writings for Megadeth, but everything from past the black album before Metallica tried to remember what metal was like on St. Anger was utter shit. Uncompromising, pungent fecal refuse. The System Has failed was a ray of sunshine for me, though not as good killing or Peace Sells a BIG step in the right direction. United Abominations was great, and despite being sad about Glen drover not being in the band anymore I love Chris Broderick, so the Drovers can do Eidolon in their spare time and I'll be happy.

    Megadeth over Metallica any day of the week. Because Dave never lost the notion that he had something to prove to his former bandmates. And it still shows.

  51. Dom, my days was so fucking boring. Thank you man, u made my fucking day into amazing. I always liked megadeth better than metallica because i felt more "comfortable" with megadeth songs, like into mosh pit xD. Even by that, that post was a punch in my face, u put words out of my mouth. now im going to my sister graduation to get drunk. byee
    megadeth'er till death @

  52. Man, love the Maddox-esque style, u rox!

  53. dear dom ..i have been a metallica fan since i was 15 while i was in iraq ... i totally agree with you load and reload are two shity albums ... im sure they are not metllica's best work .....but when i was 16 or so ... i listend to a little album called peace sell's ... i mean wow .. i'm a huge metallica fan fan but megadeth deth is my personal opinion is way better than metallica in the recent albums ..metallica seems to have lost or forgot the way that they uesd to write master pieces like master and battery

    so in conclusion
    megadeth marched on with thrash style ..i mean

    i dig james and kirk alot and i mean a lot
    i worship the ground that they walk on

    but dave and megadeth are still thrash .they kept it all the way ..ex ... Dave is a rhythm guitar player but he does almost a solo per song in United Abomination he does more than 1 solo per song and his solos are amazing for rhythm player and of course you have the amazing solos that Marty's has recorded ..(i didn't mean to not include all the other guitar players in Megadeth's history but Marty stayed for about 9 years so i talked about him )and the complexity of Megadeth's work is far more advanced than Metallica ....i think Dave Mustaine made thrash metal ..more complex that it used to be back in the 80's

  54. Okay,

    Here is my spin on this.

    When you talk live you have to speak on 2 different levels, there is 80's/early 90's live then there is up until present.

    Metallica live in that time frame totally kicked the shit out of Megadeth, just watch the metallica videos and tell me you don't agree. They had fire, passion, everyone was totally on top of their game. And for the most part, it was not for the millions of album sales, it was for the fans.
    Megadeth had too many problems even staying sober enough to walk on stage.(bodukan???) When I was growing up listening to the 2 bands it was alot about the metallica live show. I wish I could go back to 1991 when they played live.

    Fast forward to the present.
    All the things I loved about the metallica live show,... ...The band is still doin today. The way they end the songs, Lars' drumming, Kirk's solos, James' VERY prdictable "catch phrases" that he has been saying since the late 80's.

    The one thing today I truely hate about metallica live is that they just can't play the songs they created, for example, Lars' cant do any double kick anymore, simple rolls on the drums, no go.He is constintley making up shortcuts to make up for his lack of drumming
    (Don't you gain talent the more you play and practice?) Kirk, has to pretty much re learn his own solos before a show, he just a below average guitar player playing for a once historic band. James voice, is beat, all those years just caught up to him bottom line, his playing has never faultered he is the rock of the band bottom line and always will be.

    Megadeth in the present, true professionals, the less there is chatter, the more time to hear great songs! Everything is to the t. Sound is just amazing, and most importantly, all the techinal music you hear on the albums is played live without fail. I have heard megadeth is boring they stand around and don't move, well I can run around stage and play sandman and fuel, try running around stage playing holy wars,or even for that matter blackmail the universe. They have to be perfect all the time, that's all they got. Remember, no time to talk?

    As for studio,
    Metallica after Justice said they had no where else to go musically so they had to simplify songs...Let's go ask Dream Theater how far you can go musically until you have reached the end, they havent...That said,
    MD had their time in the spotlight, My fav album is youth. But overtime it had to come back around and now it finally has.

    Bottom Line,

    Metallica has lost their edge, actually to me they have no edge anymore, I mean hell if they could they would play overseas the rest of their careers.
    Megadeth is gaining so much steam these days I am so happy for em, everything is full circle while the nearly original Metallica is running on 3 of 8 cylinders, The one Man wrecking crew Of Megadave (deth) still finds the people and the way to run on all 12 cylinders. Can't wait to hear Endgame and hope it gets all he attention is deserves, see you live when it comes out.

  55. No need to comapre the bands, they're both great and they both kick ass! You can like both, they're not in competition with one another jackass!

  56. So you've heard Endgame, Mr. Dom?

  57. Again, thank you all for your comments! Much appreciated.

    Austin said: "No need to comapre the bands, they're both great and they both kick ass! You can like both, they're not in competition with one another jackass!"

    No, you're the jackass. Silly man.

    Thanks folks! :)

  58. My favorite bit of Megadeth history is when Dave quit his own band.

    Dave himself has gone off the deep end with his paranoid beliefs. It would hilarious if he wasn’t serious about it. Scratch that it’s still pretty funny in a sad pathetic way.
    The last Megadeth album was the best of the most recent output.

    As an aside I really like to see the Drover brothers produce another Eidolon album.

  59. Only 1 thing metallica only has 3 greats albums

    Kill em all
    Ride the lighting
    Master of puppets

    the rest is bullshit....and MegadetH RULEZ¡¡¡

  60. Metallica vs Megadeth. A classic battle. It's like England vs France in the Hundred Years War. Both side are fiercely loyal and would die rather than see their king defamed. But Jesus. These two bands actually get along finally, why the hell can't the fans?

    I'll put it out there that I'm on the Megadeth side. And maybe that is just the fan boy in me talking, but I feel like Megadeth has some good momentum building, each album keeps getting better. It's a little like Iron Maiden after Bruce came back. The have just been getting better with each album (which makes me excited when they talk about their new material...). Metallica have also been getting better and hey, maybe they will get back there, back to the land of thrash. Hell, the only band that never left was Slayer!!!

  61. Quite undeniable. You can't fit a gorilla (Mustaine) in a bird cage (Metallica) and that's why the wrote him off in the first place. I've been with Megadeth since my ears worked enough to communicate to my brain that this is the best shit to come out of a speaker, and I'd like to wrap a pool ball up in a United Abominations shirt and whip the piss out of any Metallica garb wearing ball bag I see, just in the hopes that the letters of 'United Abominations' will be permanently implanted on the body of the Metallica boy.

    I've not heard Endgame yet, only Head Crusher, but he released a song called "Head Crusher" for Cripe's sake and it get's me ready for the next few months of life in general, not just the record. Well written, you pay your respects on both sides but for those who needed it spelled out, you have garnered a thorough explanation for those who don't understand good music, let alone the wonderful things that begat American Thrash. I also love Testament.

  62. Thank you Dom for the awesome blog. I love both bands but love Megadeth wayyyyy more. I don't know if they invented thrash and I don't know much about playing instruments but I know a good band when I hear it. I think Dave's lyrics are better than James alot of the times. When Dave sings something I beleive every word. In Some Kind of Monster I wanted to shot everyone of the guys. Therapy is fine but you don't have to act like a pussy the whole time. You hate eachother...Tick Tock get over it. On the other hand you cannot really compare both. They are two way different bands with two way different sounds. I stand by Megadeth and always will.

  63. i'd just like to say that my first metallica gig was hammersmith in 88 and my second was wembley on the same date as yours,fuckin small world mate!!!!my first megadeth gig was donnington 88 and the second was clash of the titans with the mighty slayer headlining,they where the good old days,but metallica edge it for me,sorry dom.

    carl 21.7.2009 22.50

  64. Haven't got a lot more to add to everyone else's comments, just wanted to say thanks, I really enjoyed reading that piece, nice work

  65. ...and Dave just doesn't know how to sing. His lyrics could be good but he can't sing.. And Megadeth never evolved their sound.. I mean if you hear one album you heard them all... It's all the same.. But Metallica evolved, their sound is diferent on all albums.. not like Megadeth, where it's all the same (rubbish!!!!)


  66. to Ales Dolenec, Are you crazy? have you ever listened to a megadeth's album? RIP has the same sound that youthanasia?? you don't know shit, fuckin deaf

  67. You not gonna mention how distorted Death Magnetic is??

  68. Great read!

    Agree on some points, disagree on others, but great read nonetheless!

    I prefer Metallica though.

  69. This will never end.
    There are always gonna be delusional Megadeth fans that think they (Dave Mustain) are better than Metallica.
    Unfortunately one of them happened to be good at writing, and here we are again. Pathetic.

  70. fucking genious. great article dude

  71. First of all, kudos to Dom for his - whether it's fact or fiction - entertaining writing.

    I would like to confess to you all that I haven't actually been to a Megadeth concert ( yet! ) but have been to 2 Metallica concerts. And yes, both times, they kicked ass. For Christ's sake, they opened with bleedin' "Battery" instead of "That Was Just Your Life" ( comparing the two concerts ). And Lars actually pulled off *some* double-kicking. But remembering the Tallica' concerts and looking at the concerts in San Diego and Seattle from '92 and '89 respectively...
    Whichever way you look at it, ( fanboys, listen the fuck up, this IS how it is ) Metallica doesn't have the sonic perfection of old days anymore. They are entertaining and they kick *almost* every other bands ass I've heard live. I'll even stretch thus far as saying that they're sort of wanting to be thrash metal again.
    But not further.

  72. Megadeth then. From what I've seen and heard myself and heard of people that've been to their concerts, they haven't lost steam a bit. Just listen to Megadeth's "Holy Wars" at San Diego '08 and compare that to ANY concert or song done live by Metallica from '08 - '09. I
    dare you to deny the fact that Megadeth is the superior band. I doubledare you.

    One very important part for me when listening to music is in fact the lyrics. Not that every song has to be a revelation or eye-opening, but seriously, the lyrics don't have to suck just because there hasn't been that much time spent on it or whatever the hell the reason is for some lyrics to truly stink, make people actually feel dumber and even make people cringe. This
    applies for all bands and genres.
    So, okay, both bands has their share of truly inspiring music ( lyrically now ). But how Metallica went from "Master of Puppets", "Leper Messiah" and "Eye of the Beholder" to name a few ( hell, even "Holier Than Thou" made me think again about the lyrical genious that James Hetfield possesses. ) to the obnoxiously bad lyrics of "Fuel", ( a song about the needing of alcohol? Are you shitting me? ) "Purify" ( " and I - purify... *grinds teeth* ) and for me the dumbest lyrics ever written by
    Hetfield - "Frantic". Do I even have to remind of how insanely stupid the lyrics are? No? Well... for all the fanboys out there - here it is anyways: "...Frantic-tic-tic-tic-tic-tic-toc...". Sweet buttery Jesus Christ almighty. They somewhat redeemed themselves with Death Magnetic - don't get me wrong, there were stupid lyrics there too, but at least they ( I hope ) tried. Megadeth, in my opinion ( notice
    OPINION ) hasn't got that many mind-deafening lyrics, but somehow managed to compensate that by making mind-blowingly idiotic statements when not performing a song. Anyone but me that remembers the incident where Mustaine dedicated "Holy Wars" to the IRA when performing in Ireland? 'Cause it sure as hell haven't been mentioned here in this blog. "This one's for The Cause!". *Facepalm* If You readers have any basic knowledge regarding the conflicts between the catholics and protestants on the Irish
    You would know that there's not much more he could've said to fuck up the whole situation even more than he did that night. But in the end, Metallica has taken the not-so-honorable prize of having the dumber lyrics.

  73. Whichever band you prefer, the fact still stands: Metallica was better before - Megadeth is better than EVER. But I still love both bands and have done so since childhood. Death Magnetic could be the start of something really good. Endgame will nonetheless kick its ass. Head-Crusher IS better than anything on Death Magnetic. I will, and hope you will also, still listen to Metallica and Megadeth. "Master of Puppets" and "Rust in Peace" are the two best albums ever produced. Ever.

    With that said, good day to You all.

    PS. Swifty, you are a laughably idiotic fanboy who probably needs to listen to anything that doesn't spell "your ego" and "Metallica". There is more truly awesome music out there besides 'Tallicas first 5. ( Yeah, i said 5. ) DS.

  74. fuck both Metallica and Megadeth... HEATHEN KICKS THEIR ASS EVERY GIVEN DAY!!! Heathen's new album will throw Endgame down the toileeeeeeeeeet!!!


    seriously now... i'm fan of both, but i have to admit one thing, Metallica is a bigger band (more fans, more exposure, more this and that) than Megadeth =) but i was not kidding about HEATHEN =D if Mustaine created Thrash, HEATHEN perfected it =D

  75. I've been fighting the good fight (this one) for about eight consecutive years now. I'll never back down as Megadeth just do it better. Fact.

    Thanks for taking it in the big leagues with a much more aruged case than I usually prepare.

  76. As a lifelong Megadeth fan who kept my loyalty through the risk years, I feel so much pride that Megadeth aren't just my favourite band so I'll support them even if they're not that great any more kind of way, but that they've actually convincingly awesome again. That is why they're the best IMO, they never give up and still have the fire!
    Thanks for this review I feel warm and snuggly ( in a very manly metal way)

  77. this is an old stupid argument over which cola you prefer. i won't even say who i preper over the other cause it's not important, it's my opinion and not a fact of sorts to which you claim,thats impossible it's music. i will say that i love both bands, both kick ass and that just take it for what it is...Metal!!! slam some beers into your suck hole,blast these metal gods and bang your fuckin head!!!!

  78. Let me simply state.. I as a avid musician, I completely agree with the fact that Dave is a better guitarist. I also state this as a stronger fan of Metallica. Kirk has indeed lost his touch, in terms of live play at least. Metallica has lost their progressive touch they had in years past.

    NOW - With that said, I need to also state that much like Yngwie Malmsteen who has fired band mates for things I'll never understand, Dave Mustaine is a tricky person to work with. And It has to say A LOT about a band (Metallica) that can overcome the BS they have been through and still rock. Yea, they arn't as good as they used to be, but they still rock. Plain and Simple.

    As for the comment about the main riff to Tornado of Souls... Killer Riff... But I can play it flawlessly and Kirk is hands down better than I'll ever be. Im sure he would have no problems. Even today.

    Let me also point out that it wasn't simply Dave that drove Metallica to greatness. Cliff in fact taught James Hetfield music theory and withou that fact, a lot of the "Classics" from the 80's wouldn't have been created. I think Cliff has more of an overall musical impact on that band that Mustaine ever had.

    Now... Everywhere I turn, Every Youtube Video I watch... Metallica Vs. Megadeth... SHUT UP ALREADY!!! DAMN... It really is ok to like both.. I promise... don't worry.. I won't tell... lol

    Great Post BTW!!!

  79. You are a stupid dumbass dipshit, for one thing, just because their hair is longer doesnt mean shit. My hair is longer than Metallica's, but does that mean I'm better, no? Megadeth was only made because Mustaine was a little bitch and got kicked out of Metallica, so that means Metallica invented Megadeth, all of Metallica's music kicks Megadeths ass, and you dont have any testicles to bet on Megadeths cover being better than Metallicas. Just because you sit on your little bed in your moms basement masturbating on Megadeth posters, doesnt mean people will care. Metallica will prouble read this and come and beat your ass, then get your mom to make them cookies. Its very sad you wrote those three and a half thousand words. That shows you have nothing better to do, and I would bet you would fuck Mustaine in the ass if he allowed it, which he would, cause he's gay. Suck my balls, Im going to listen to Trivium! Oh, and what kind of fags write "blogs" anyways, except people on MySpace and Corey Feldmen. And its even funnier that I couldnt care less about either of them, I just felt like proving some fat bitch who hides behind a computer wrong.

  80. Off course megadeth is better than metallica
    What 's new?
    Megadeth has always bin better en will always be!!!!!

  81. Today, off course Megadeth today is tighter than Metallica and their new guitarist is way better than Kirk Hammett. As not to mention their drummer compared to Lars Ulrich.
    But when i go to a Metallica concert in 2009 its still metallica. It is the same band i saw live for the first time in 1988. Maybe not as good anymore. But still.
    If James Hetfield kicked the rest of the band out and rented the best solo guitarist and drummer in the world then it is not Metallica anymore.

    Megadeth in 2009 is Dave Mustaine with a bunch of talented musicions. It is not the same band as in 1986.

  82. Well, well, well...welly, welly, welly...wellity, wellity, wellity.

    This (Metallica vs. Megadeth) is an age old argument, comparable to "What wiped out the dinosaurs?" or "Does God exist?"!

    The answers - the beautiful answers...the nail in the proverbial coffin...the sacred knowledge which we all seek, afforded to only US, the privaleged readers of this blog are, finally HERE! Yes freinds, I have the answers to this immortal question in this blood stained envelope passed down to me from the answering metal demons of olde...oh yes...the below!:

    (1). Megadeth killed the dinosaurs as there was no regulation controlling the amount of dB at shows at the time.

    (2). Mustaine is god. The God of thrash/speed metal.

    That is all.

  83. Total album sales Megadeth : >20 Mill worldwide
    Total album sales MetallicA: >51 Mill US alone
    Hall of Fame member : METALLICA

    END OF ARGUMENT - Fuck off

    PS nice job skippy


  85. metallica now adays suck shit , they have ever since 1990 and megadeth still put out a few more decent ones since then, metallica should not even be titled a metal band anymore its more like hard rock, and they also are money hungry bastards who play easy to play shit riffs just to get a buck, FUCK METALLICA!!

  86. Clever argumentation - "DAVE IS A GOD, PEROID". Wow, I must admit you're a master of discussion. Your arguments are trully final. Everyone, go home, leave the all-know alone, it's pointless to discuss.

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  88. You're so right.

    The hair was the best argument.

  89. Well, if you rate the bands by album sales, Michael Jackson whips both bands. In fact, he sticks a Big Metal Monkey up all bands asses.

    I do have to admit Megadeth is one tight band.

    I saw Megadeth on the Clash of the Titans tour back in 91 with Slayer, and Metallica on the Day on the Green in SF in 92, the again in 2003(?) in Portugal. When Metallica used playback tapes there for all acoustic stuff, I dismissed them -- you can't use a playback tape if you're a real metal band.

    But even back in 91, Metallica seemed to attract more of a redneck crowd who liked thumping and violence and punching people in the pit, regardless of why. The Megadeth crowd was more of the thinking metalhead set who like thumping and violence, but to a 7/13 rhythm, and who would pick you up if you fell in the pit. I related better then and I still do. Plus dave doesn't sound like Lionel Richie now.

  90. Ok, so maybe TECHNICALLY, megadeth is better. But SOUND of megadeths music cant compare to the epic amazing sound that metallica produces. FOr fucksake have u heard Fade to Black, ride the lightning solo, orion?....

    And no u dumb fuck, Mustaine did not write all the greatest songs of Kill Em All, he COWROTE SOME of the good songs on their. Did he write the middle section of Four horsemen, no remorse, seek and destroy? I dont think so. GGet your fucking fact right.

    I would choose good sound over good technicality aby day. Has mustaine ever written anything close to the emotional masterpiece fade to black? NO, HE DIDNT. EVEN IF HE DOES HAVE MORE SKILL HIS MUSIC DOESNT SOUND NEARLY AS GOOD AS METALLICA.

  91. Megadeth invented thrash? What about Slayer...

  92. Dom, I supposedly agree with you in all that shit.

    But I can never forgive the fact that mustaine is a statue on stage... sometimes he really is awesome by playing/headbanging, but he is a moron on stage while singing and talking to the audience.

    Anyway, thank you for some good experience sharing. I was just a kid on 80's.

  93. Just want to say that I love both Megadeth and Metallica, although Megadeth's a little better in my opinion for all the reasons you mentioned. However, they both rock hard and I see no reason not to love both of them.

    One hilarious fact that I don't think anyone has mentioned yet is that Dave got kicked out of Metallica for being too drunk and disorderly and then Metallica went on to call themselves Alcoholica because they drank so much. Oh well, I guess if they didn't have that double standard, we wouldn't have the amazing band known as Megadeth.


  94. I recently came across your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I don't know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


  95. that review is fucked up , sorry
    dave mustaine didn't invent thrash , Exodus ? ring any bells ?

    when it comes to classic albums , metallica from KEA to Black album , although Load was lettiraly loaded with good songs , it lacked a classic , ReLoad was OK , st anger wasn't that bad , people say the it sucks because of the "snare" drum sound , and the problem is that they don't know what a "snare" drum sound is !

    the lyrics , not even negotionable , lyrics was never mustaine's playground , he didn't care for lyrics , especially in his first album , he just wanted to top metallica , which he couldn't over the years , so his view of a song was 5 riffs , 5 solos , and see what happens , lyrics to metallica was like a candy to a baby , they wrote the best stuff throughout their 9 studio albums

    musicanship : metallica had 3 of the best bassist of all time , beats megadeth on that one , james is a very good guitarist but dave slightly beats him and kirk on the guitar

    vocals : dave didn't begin to sing decently until a tout le monde in youthanasia , all before that sucks , james on the other part only sucks in some songs in kill 'em all , when you could barely hear what's he's saying , but his singing improved quickly , fade to black ? battery ? his vocals and strong on those , and even got better when he matured with songs in load and reload

    Live : metallica kicked megadeth's ass in the 80s nad early 90s , since then megadeth improved and metallica got a bit worse , right now metallica is some times better , and megadeth is sometimes better

    therapy : although it cant't be point of comparison between two bands as great as megadeth and metallica , but metallica were only alcoholics , megadeth were alcoholics and drug addicts , they used every drug in the book , and dave didn't got to therapy until he like began dying on the inside from drugs , james went to therapy when he felt his life was being torn apart , not much of a win for either guys , blah

    hair : dave stayed the same for 46 years ( holy shit ! ) , that's boring , since when was appearance a factor in producing good music , metallica changed , SO FUCKING WHAT ?!

    Covers : covers ?! YOU ARE COMPARING TWO METAL

    EndGame : it rocks before i even listen to

    i have said enough , can we enjoy both megadeth and metallica and unit against the real shit , rap ?

  96. Good points, very good. I like both bands, actually i love Megadeth but Metallica is also very good. Nice writing dude!

  97. I have posted on this blog before i have heard End Game ... anyway after listening to End Game i would rate it as rust in peace but i also wouldnt rate it like death magnetic so in conclusion
    Clash Of The Titans
    Metallica's last album was very good (songs were to long)
    Megadeth's latest album is very good i think better than death magnetic(song are too short)

    Metallica's latest album has about 3 fast good song the other songs are too long
    Megadeth's latest has about 4 excellent song
    but they are too short for my taste i like to hear longer solos like rust in peace ..
    but over all ENdGame Fucking rules

    P.s there has been talk about a tour that will include the big four Metallica Megadeth Slayer Anthrax

  98. Well after hearing endgame [or as it's becoming known, endLAME] it's clear metallica still is on top

  99. Parts of this review had me in creases! :)

    I like Death Magnetic and Endgame, but then I've always respected both bands and not given one any football team like support.

    But yes, Endgame is the more solid record overall and historically I've been more of a Metallica fan.

  100. This blog is 'Sad But True'. Though I like both bands , but of late I think Megadeth has far exceeded Metallica. Both bands have been through phases when fans and critics alike had said that they weren't the Metallica or Megadeth they had known. But Megadeth has redeemed its lost glory with heavy hitters 'United Abominations' and 'Endgame' but Metallica has yet to do the same.
    'Death Magnetic' did receive rave reviews but like the author Dom Lawson has said above that those reviews were more out of the relief that fans have felt that finally Hetfield & co. have made an attempt to go back to their roots.

    And the 'Some Kind of Monster' DVD does give insight on what the band members were going through at that time but what I felt was that members of the band , especially James Hetfield were stressing on the fact that they weren't 21 anymore and that they have responsibilities outside of music. Agreed. But that does not justify the half ass attempt to put out a new album (much awaited new album, if i may say). I mean these are the guys who wrote 'Creeping Death' (best played live) after watching 'The Ten Commandments'. Agreed that with age ones inspirations change but that doesn't mean that one should forget who they were and the carnage they are capable of.

  101. Clearly somebody has a passion not just for Megadeth, but for writing. This article was pretty damn awesome. I hope Megadeth reads it. (BTW, I love them for all the reasons you mentioned, and many others you did not mention. So, I guess I love Dave Mustaine and Megadeth more.)

    -GF :)

  102. My problem with the last couple of Metallica albums has been the lack of classic riffs, phoned in lyrics, the fact that James seems to think the "true note" processing of his vocals makes them better (note* they do not, they make him sound like a fricken robot), and the bloody brickwalled mixes that make the entire album one volume... all loud all the time. And there was no bloody excuse for The Unforgiven III, none. nada.

    So yeah, Megadeth have stayed true to metal all along. Totally agree. Only thing is, I have a nagging feeling, hope maybe, that Metallica will somehow go back to their roots and produce one last album that makes ya think... dammm that was waaaaaaay more aggressive, thrashy, and awesome as Kill em' All.

  103. Metallica had lost their roots.. Megadeth really struggle finding their ways out..meeting what metal music is all about..fullfilling our needs..goodbye Metallica..

  104. I have only three words to say: Metallica is BETTER!

  105. What a lame ass, look at myself, only my verycloseminded opinion counts blog. Two great bands, but Megadeth has repeated itself over and over to the point of being boring even when they are virtuous. Metallica has dropped the ball a few times, but that´s what experimentation is all about, some you get, some you don´t.

  106. Muy buen articulo!! Mustaine es la leyenda viviente, Megadeth siempre sera mil veces mejor que Metallica!

  107. Hmm... Metallica's sales do the talking for this argument, and Tornado of Souls? Dude, I can play that with my eyes closed. First of all, not only does Kirk Hammett's education in music far exceed Dave Mustaine's, he's a much better player. Metallica is about Metallica, not shredding 24/7. Also, as far as classic albums go? Metallica's newer albums have much higher sales than most their old ones. Megadave's new cd's suck and didn't sale for shit. I love me some Megadave. I buy every CD and do it happily, but don't compare them to Metallica. Stop jumping on the "Dave's a former member of Metallica and is butthurt" wagon.

  108. Ok, that last comment is fucking retarded. Money means SHIT in regards to talent and creativity and sheer balls. And most guitar players that have grown up listening to RIP can play it with their eyes closed, so that's dumb too. Metallica has sold more records because they tapped a money making juggernaut producer to MAKE that money in '91, and consequently started sucking the life right out of the legend they COULD'VE been. It's on the fuggin' docmentary, they purposely changed their writing style. Not for something better to do, but at the behest of Mr. Rock. They've all but said that's what they WANTED to do. So be it. That's fine. Old arguement. But the part they never cop to is that they turned out some pretty shitty music under the Metal banner, and that's what is a tragedy. Mustaine fueled his career on trying to be something better than Metallica, but didn't realize until recent years that he had them by the balls the ENTIRE time when it came to songwriting ability, intensity and creativity. Aside from Risk, the motherfucker just keeps cranking out good metal. Fuck sales, it's GOOD music. It's good metal, and it continued to fuel and inspire the metal underground into what it is today, a Ballbuster. How many of the brilliant kids out there site Load and Reload as any kind of inspiration other than something NOT to do? And now...Endgame is the new wave of Holy Shit! With all the metal that's being produced right now out in the world, independent and bigtime, Endgame puts them ALL in their place. It's brilliant...Mustaine IS Thrash. Fuck it.

  109. The only "movie" I've seen with Mustaine in it is Decline of Western Civilization Part II. I've had that movie saved on my TiVo for over a year, and I think I watch it semimonthly.

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